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  • Hi,

    Long-time Kaiser member now navigating the world of other health insurance providers.  Can anyone r3commend either a PCP and/or a Psychiatrist who treats young adults, and takes Aetna health insurance?  May prefer female for the PCP, and definitely someone who knows ADHD treatments for the Psychiatrist. Anyone you’d avoid?  Thanks so much. 

    Try Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates

    We have Anthem Blue Cross insurance and my daughter has received excellent care there for depression, ADHD and social phobia. She began as a teenager and is 22 now. 
    Highly recommend.
    Best wishes for a positive treatment experience on your daughter’s journey to wellness. Hang in there mom. It’s a lot of work but I’m happy to report that with the addition of a great psychologist my daughter is thriving. 

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Oct 2006

I am a 40 yr old working mom, interested in individual counseling. Any recommendations for a good family therapist, in or around rockridge, that will accept Aetna Insurance? anon

Diane Santas, (510) 834-4848, who works in Rockridge, helped me enormously with both PPD and generalized anxiety. I'm happy to be able to recommend her, and yes, she took my Aetna insurance. I just checked the online Aetna directory and she's still in there