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Commuting to Sunnyvale from Walnut Creek area

Feb 2010

My husband, two small children and I are currently living in Aptos. We really love it here for its small town charm and natural beauty. My husband has been commuting to Sunnyvale three times a week and so far has been okay with this commute. Now his company is being sold and his new office will be in Foster City, which is way too far from Aptos.

So, we are now trying to figure out where to live in the Bay Area. We have our reservations about the Peninsula and South Bay but we have always loved the East Bay (we lived in Oakland for 4 years before moving Aptos) but I don't want to live in such an urban environment anymore. We are thinking about Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill area, but my husband is very concerned about the commute.

Does anybody out there do this commute (680 down to the 580 across the 238 and over the bridge) and if so how long does it really take with traffic? Also, does anybody have any suggestions about other communities to live in. Thank you in advance for any information or suggestions. Cambria

I live in Walnut Creek, and enjoy living here. That said, although I don't drive to Foster City regularly, I can tell you that this is not likely to be a fun commute (unless there's a BART option or your husband can leave home early- ish??). As best as I can tell, 238 is always a mess. 580W is not likely to be much fun either for a regular commute, although/ because many people do it. I'd suggest looking on the peninsula, or at least a bit further south on 680 (Dublin? Pleasanton?) to cut some of the time. At the very least, I'd suggest trying to stay south of the 680-24 exchange. I'd also check out driving times on at the times of your husband's theoretical commute. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Hi, Regarding communting from Walnut Creek to Foster City... I currently live in Lafayette and commute to Foster City 4 days a week. I work 5:00AM-4:00PM (4-10 hour days). So, my commute is not too bad. It takes me 40 minute to get to FC and about 1 hour- 1 hour 20 minutes to get home, depending on the traffic. I have a bunch of friends who do the same commute from Moraga and Orinda and leave the east bay between 6:30 and 7:30. So far, they haven't complained either. I would suggest asking if a flex schedule would work. I am sure if you worked 8-5, that might be a differnt story. Feel free to email me if you have anymore questions. geer

Your husband really wouldn't want this commute. A number of years ago I worked in Foster City and a co-worker commuted from Walnut Creek. It took her 2 hours each way during rush hour. Now this was before the San Mateo Bridge lanes were fully expanded, but she described multiple trouble spots, so I am sure it is still bad.

My husband currently works near there at Redwood Shores and he doesn't know anyone who lives in the Walnut Creek area. He used to have a co-worker in Concord, but she mainly telecommuted. There is definitely a reason for this.

As far as other locations to consider... we live in Alameda and the commute is not so bad. An hour during peak times, but my husband's commute is shorter because he leaves early and he drives with a neighbor, so can use the 880 carpool lane.

We know someone who commutes to Foster City from the Oakland Hills (near the zoo) and it sounds like an OK commute.

My husband has many co-workers who live in places in 880 near the San Mateo/Dunbarton, such as Fremont, Union City, etc. Castro Valley is also an option.

Good news is, you have other options. Best of luck. EastBayCommuter