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Karaoke place for 9 yr olds birthday party?

May 2016

My daughter has decided she HAS to have a karaoke party for her birthday & she wants to go somewhere else to do it. Anyone have any suggestions for a karaoke place in the east bay that would host a 9 yr olds birthday party? Thanks! Melissa

I'll be curious to see what others say as I've looked for this and not found something that would work for my teen's birthday in the past. If you find a solution that doesn't get posted here, it'd be great if you can reply to your own question so we have it in the archives. Thanks! - Parent of wanna be star

OP here. I think we are going to go with Jaguar Karaoke on Telegraph in Oakland. I haven't been there yet, but I'm crossing my fingers it will work! Other suggestions are still welcomed! Melissa

I don't know if Jaguar Karaoke regularly does this, but the owner is named Paul and really really nice. For an party I had offsite (but in Oakland, not too far from Jaguar) I rented a system and offered to pick up and drop off but he actually did both including setting it up. I imagine it was more for his own peace of mind since it's his gear and it's not necessarily something that is the simplest to set up since karaoke remotes are insane! It was a great way for kids and adults to have a ton of fun in the safety of their own space to have a serious karaoke party- he even brought party lights and two mics, and taught me how to use everything (fairly simple) and how to cue up songs and brought the song books, which are very current so kids would find songs they like.

I brought my own flat screen tv. If you're in Oakland, it might be worth asking him if you can rent out a system and have it set up in your home. My guess is that as long as it's not on a Friday or Saturday night during Jaguar prime time, it may be an option. He is super nice and treat him well. He'll probably have an idea of where this recommendation is coming from if you mention this. Thanks- good luck, and hopefully you'll have a great party! A karaoke house party for 9 years olds sounds like a ton of fun for the kids! Karaoke queen

Karaoke for child's birthday party?

Jan 2014

I would love to figure out a way to have a karaoke party for my daughter's 9th birthday. She and her friends love to sing and I think this would be fun for them. Are there any karaoke places that might rent out their space during the day? Or ideas about somewhere we could have it if we rented a machine? The party will be on a Sunday. Mom of the birthday girl

My daughter went to a karaoke birthday party during the day at Jaguar Karaoke in Pleasant Hill. The family rented out one of the private rooms which fit about 10 kids comfortably. It was ridiculously loud (and I was only there for pick up/drop off) but my daughter had a great time. Mom of an 8 year old

I heard about a place in the city that has private rooms, in addition to the main space. I remember because a few years ago some friends of mine were headed over there after we had a dinner out together. Even though this was pre-kids (for us) we still are early-to-bed folks so we went home while our friends went to the place to get a private room and do karaoke together. Perhaps you can do a google search and see if it's still around? Good luck! Mailisha

Karaoke Party for kids & adults

June 2003

We want to have a karaoke party this summer. We expect to have about 40 people, both kids (mostly ages 7 and up) and adults, and want either (1) a restaurant with decent food, a large enough private room, and (of course) a karaoke machine; or (2) someone who can do the karaoke setup at our house or at a restaurant that has an appropriate room. Any thoughts? Madonna Wannabe

Try Sentosa Cafe and Restaurant, in Richmond/El Cerrito, off the Central Avenue exit (towards Ranch 99). It's a great Malaysian/Singapore/Thai restaurant with a back room that is perfect for large parties and karaoke gatherings. The food is delicious! Sentosa Cafe: 3150 Pierce St., Richmond: 510-559-9388

Cafe Eclectica is a great space for a karaoke party! It holds up to 73 people; there is a karaoke machine as well as a kitchen with refrig. and freezer if you want to bring in your own food. Cafe rentals are $40 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. For further information contact cbell AT communitylearningservices.org.