Books for Preteens about Puberty

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Book About Tween Boy Changes

March 2010

Does anyone know of a good book about the changes a boy goes through as puberty sets in? Seems there are dozens about girls and what happens they approach menarche, but boys also mature. When will their voices deepen? When will they grow armpit hair? What kinds of emotional changes will hormones cause for them? What kinds of social pressures loom for them with all of these changes? How does one best parent through the changes? Thank you! anon.

There is an Our Bodies, Ourselves book for teens that I got my son (who is now 14). I liked it because it discussed changes and issues for boys as well as girls. I think boys should be educated on the changes girls go through as well. As with girls, there is no set time frame for transitions. In my son's age group, some kids still look like youngsters and some are towering guys who already look like they are midway through high school. Berkeley Mom of tween boy

Two great books:

It's Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris, illustrations by Michael Emberley (for both genders)


'What's Happening to my Body?' Book for Boys, Lynda Madaras.

I got my now-thirteen-year-old son these books after I realized he was surfing the net for information about sex (he googled 'sex' -- guess what he got?). And he loves these books. He keeps the Harris book at close hand all the time. Both books espouse progressive (typical Bay Area) attitudes toward sexuality, just so you know. It was perfect for us. another mother of a growing boy

Look into 'It's Perfectly Normal: A Book About Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health', by Robie H Harris. It's frank, very informational, and unsilly, while maintaining a sense of humor. anon.


Books about puberty for girls

Nov 2006

My 9 year old is showing first early signs of puberty. Any recommendations for accessible and sensible books on puberty/development for her to read? Though she's showing physical changes of development, she's not excited about this new stage of life at all.. A mom who's not quite ready..

A friend with an older daughter recommended the book, ''The Care and Keeping of You'' published by American Girl Magazine. I gave it to my daughter at age 10. You can get it at the library first if you want to check it out. It covers all kind of things about the body from taking care of your hair to discussing the changes the body goes through, etc... It's very matter of fact and not scary. She has been reading it at her own pace and comfort level. Hope this helps Martha

Try ''It's Perfectly Normal'' in paperback, can't remember the author or publisher. Appropriate for pre-teens. My daughter really enjoyed the panel cartoons of the egg and sperm journeys anon

Books for 12yo boy about puberty

Oct 2004

I am looking for the ''Our Bodies Ourselves'' equivalent for a 12 year old boy - any suggestions? thanks

I've come across two books that might be helpful: What's Happening to my Body? A Book for Boys (Lynda Madaras), and The Guy Book (by Mavis Jukes). Though not exactly like Our Bodies, Ourselves, they were both really great. To give credit where it's due: these were recommended to me by Margaret, the children's specialist at A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books in SF. A Mom

At my library I recommend all three of these for boys on the cusp of adolescence:

The what's happening to my body? book for boys : a growing-up guide for parents and sons / Lynda Madaras, with Area Madaras

It's perfectly normal : a book about changing bodies, growing up, sex and sexual health / Robie H. Harris ; illustrated by Michael Emberley

What's going on down there? : answers to questions boys find hard to ask / Karen Gravelle, with Nick and Chava Castro -- Children's Librarian

''what's going on down there'' was great for my son at that age. He was very (predictably) curious about all things related to his body and sex and the book was very appropriate for his age. I got the renewed our bodies book but will wait to give that to him when he enters high school.

He said he never knew he could read 175 pages in a week! ha now we know! he also said it clarified things he had heard about but wasn't sure or had heard wrong information in there about.

It is fun, has cartoonish type pictures coupled with clear information. i think i bought it on for a good price too! good luck! here we go!