Broken Bones in Hands or Feet

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  • Hand Surgeon needed for finger injury

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    My index finger was caught in a heavy door and the tip was completely removed.  The ER docs sewed it back on, but don't know if it will take.  The bone underneath is broken and I need a surgeon to evaluate and figure out next steps.  Time is critical - I need to see someone in the next couple of days. 


    Kendrick Lee is a well respected hand surgeon.  I have used him as did my Mom and I know many others too.

    Best of luck!

    Dr. Cardon in Berkeley near Alta Bates is the go-to hand surgeon for injuries. As a personal injury attorney I have witnessed excellent results for clients: for my little Aikido injury Aimee Schiarizzi in his office took care of me.

    I had a consultation with Dr. Lamont Cardon in Berkeley last year about a hand issue and was pleased with his advice and attitude. 

    I saw Dr. Kendrick Lee of Webster Orthopedics for a broken wrist that needed a plate.  I think he is very good and would recommend him.

    Scott Green, MD, California Orthopedics on California St in SF is excellent.

    Mathias Masem, MD in Oak/SF. I needed non surgical intervention including PT. MN y friend got great surgical care. A lot of my friends r health professionals and MD is well respected.
    Take care.

    A friend who had a hand reconstructed recommends Gabriel Kind in sf. Good luck 

    I had carpal tunnel surgery about 10 years ago from a Dr. Masem in Oakland. He did reconstructive surgery too, from what I remember. Worth checking out. My results were excellent.
    I wish you swift & complete healing!

    Rebecca Yu is great!  She operated on a broken wrist of mine and treated another broken bone. She is warm, efficient, with a responsive office and staff. 

    I am a Nurse Practitioner and have referred several patients to Scott Green MD at Cal Pacific Orthopedics 415-688-8010. My son also has seen him for a hand issue. He is kind, nice with kids and an excellent surgeon. I would highly recommend him.

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I have a broken bone in my foot that is not healing correctly and have been referred to Dr. Landrus Pfeffinger. Does anyone have any experience with him? anon

Berkeley Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc. is excellent. They have two offices, one in Berkeley 510-845-3856 (across from Alta Bates) and another in Orinda 925-254-4060. I have personal experience with Dr. Robert Eppley. He specializes in knees and shoulders. There are 11 doctors in the practice. Karen