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Parents in their mid-70s relocating to Bay Area (7 responses)
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Moving elderly parent from East Coast to Bay Area

April 2006

My 87-year-old father has been living near Atlanta, Georgia, for thirty years. Currently, he resides in an assisted living facility at care level ''assisted living plus plus.'' His health is frail, but stable. Recently, he talks more and more about wanting to finish his life in California, where I live and where he spent some of the best years of life. All four of his children now have agreed to accede to his wish to move, and I have made preliminary arrangements toward transfering him to an associated assisted living facility near where I live. So far, so good.

The actual nuts and bolts of moving someone of his age and health so far seem daunting to me, and I will be the one responsible. I am guessing that fellow BPN members have carried out such a move with one or both of their parents, and might have some experience and advice to share. If people can share particular pitfalls I might not otherwise consider, lessons learned, or things that they ''wish they'd known beforehand,'' I'll appreciate the input. Trying to Plan Ahead

My husband and I recently attended a great presentation at the N. Berkeley Senior Center by Donna Robbins about moving elderly parents-- she is a geriatric care manager and one of the services she provides is orchestrating just the sort of move you are describing. She has written a book called ''Moving Mom and Dad'' which you can order from her website (www.ultimatemoves.net)and she also provides consultations. Good luck!