Attorney for Same-Sex Divorce

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Legal & financial advice for upcoming same-sex divorce

June 2011

I am looking for a referral for a client of mine. She needs to talk to someone about the financial / real estate /tax issues of her upcoming divorce. She is legally married (in California) to another woman. She has limited financial means but is smart and curious and wants to make sure she is treating both herself, her ex-partner and their child fairly. Pat

Hi -- Tara Flanagan is a great family law attorney who specializes in these matters. Her contact info is: Tara M. Flanagan FLANAGAN LAW OFFICES 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 502 Oakland, CA 94612 Ph: 510.452.9212 Fax: 510.880.0880

Alma Soongi Beck is a lawyer in SF (Glen Park) who specializes in gay and lesbian tax law. She is peerless. She has one associate who is also excellent, whom she closely oversees, who has a lower fee: Joseph F. Carey

Lawyer I can consult with about splitting with partner?

Jan 2010

I am in a situation where my partner and I may be splitting up at some point. We are not there yet but, there are children involved and I would like to consult a lawyer or other expert just to know what my options are, not to take any legal action. Can any of you suggest anyone open for such a consultation who has some expertise dealing with LGBT cases? I would like to pay for a single consult though, I might use this person for representation in the future. anon

We used (and continue to use) Eva Herzer. She is a delightful, smart lady who used to practice as a lawyer, but now works as a mediator. We mediated our whole situation, including children, and go back for a ''tune up'' now and then when we can't solve something between the two of us. Eva Herzer, Mediator and Attorney at Law 901 Peralta Ave Albany, CA 94706. Phone: (510) 526-5146. She is acquainted with LGBT issues as well as adoptions. When I did a Google search, I noticed that she has received many kudos from other BPN families as well.

Andrea Goldman is an attorney who has experience with both straight and lesbian/gay couples. She works with Carol Amyx and has good people skills. She is sensitive, comfortable with all populations, able to keep confidentiality, and easy to talk to. Her phone number is 644 3360. Jeannie

I work in family law and generally send LGBT cases to Shane Ford or Algera Tucker. Both are superb attorneys with expertise in domestic partnership dissolutions. You can find their contact info on the web. Good luck to you. LeAnn

I worked with Sharon Braz at Blum Braz & Gibbs LLP Family Law in Oakland (by Lake Merritt): I found her to be compassionate, and very experienced. I highly recommend her. Rosie

Family lawyer experienced with dissolution of same-sex relationships

August 2003

I'm trying to find a family law attorney who has experience working with dissolution of same-sex relationships. There are children and property involved. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Anon

frederick hertz in oakland is the best out there. i know several people who have used him for the dissolution of complex same sex partnerships involving property and large sums of money. i used him myself when my partner and i split up - rather messily - and had to divide our condo in the city, all of our bank accounts, and devise visitation rights for our dogs. i don't know his experience with families with children. he was kind and compassionate with me, and absolutely no nonsense with the legalities. he explained things very clearly and gave me real options. i believe his phone number is: (510) 834-4114. he has a website: best of luck, i understand how hard this time can be. anon

I would recommend Sally J. Elkington. She is a lesbian attorney who has handled many same sex ''divorces''. She is compassionate, knows the law and can handle any type of situation which comes up. You can reach her at 465-0404. anon