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Hotel pool party for 7-year-old's birthday

Feb 2002

For her 7th birthday, my daughter would like to have a party at a hotel pool (not a neighborhood pool) that turns into a slumber party. As her birthday is in May and weather could or could not be an issue, I was thinking of either an indoor pool or something on the other side of the tunnel where it might be warmer.

Does anyone know of a kid-party-friendly hotel or motel that would let us do something like this? I'm not really interested in spending $300-400 for a suite at a fancy hotel but more like a small hotel or motel with a couple of adjoining rooms. Thanks! Allison

The Embassy Suites Hotel in Walnut Creek has an indoor pool and they even advertise a ''birthday party package'' that includes pizza delivery. (I've seen the ads in Parents' Press.) I've stayed at this hotel myself and it's really nice! Check out http://www.embassysuites.com. Also, they usually have much lower rates on the weekends. - Sharon

I too was planning on having a sleepover for my daughters 9th birthday party. I live in Fremont and Chuck E. Cheese is within walking distance from the Hilton, which is why I chose it. I was told in no uncertain terms that they do not do parties. I explained that all I wanted was a suite (of several rooms if necessary, but all in one) and that there would be nine kids and four adults to supervise. Most of the evening would be spent at Chuck E. Cheese and the rest of the evening would be spent doing girl stuff, watching videos, ordering room service. That kind of stuff. They told me the fire marshall will not allow more than four people in any of their rooms. This is the Hilton we're talking about here. Of all the hotels in the area, they should have been most able to accommodate my small requests. If the Vice president can book a whole floor, they should be able to handle what I asked for. To say I was angry was mild. It's not like the girls would be running up and down the halls disturbing other customers.

Anyway, if you find a friendly hotel who is open to this idea, I would also be interested in knowing who they are. My daughters birthday is in April and I do have a plan B (my neighbor who would be helping me chaperone has volunteered to send her husband and son away camping for the weekend so we could do the sleepover at her house). I don't have enough room to do it at my house which is why I thought of the hotel idea and really indulge the girls with the room service which is not an everyday thing for most of them. The fact that Chuck E. Cheese is just down the street only added to the fun factor. marianne