After-school Programs in Lamorinda

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Cost of after-school care in Lamorinda area

June 2009

We are in the process of looking for a house in the Lamorinda area. In factoring how much home we can afford, it would be great to have an estimate of afterschool care costs for an organized after school program. For those of you living in those areas, if you could share the going rates, we would appreciate it! Future Lamorinda mom

We live in Moraga. The afterschool program is currently $7/hr. It goes up to $7.50/hr for drop-in (i.e. not a regularly scheduled weekly reservation). We have friends in Orinda and their afterschool program is considerable cheaper - I don't recall the exact rate, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.50/hr. Hope this helps. Moraga Mom

After School for Lafayette Elementary

Jan 2005

Our child will be starting Kindergarten this fall at Lafayette Elementary, and we need before/aftercare. I'd appreciate advice about two things. First, I've heard about CATS, which is the onsite program, but have conflicting information about how hard it is to get into. Any thoughts? Second, as a back- up, do you know of any other programs or other solutions to the need for before/aftercare dilemma in Lafayette? Thank you in advance! Working Parent

CATS is wonderful and the owner Chris is fantastic. Call now and apply and I would think you would get in. Sorry, I don't know of other places because I haven't had to look for them. linda

burton valley (merriewood) has an extensive afterschool program. check with them, they may accept lafayette elem students as well. or they may be a good resource for other programs. good luck