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Enclosed parks in Hayward, CV, San Leandro?

Oct 2010

Hello -- Anyone know of which parks in the Bay Area are the best enclosed for 3 crazy toddlers? I'm specifically looking for Hayward, Castro Valley and San Leandro/San Lorenzo.

I called HARD (Hayward Area Recreation & Park District) and was told 'none of our parks are enclosed.' That is not technically true as there is an enclosed sand area with swings and slides at the Castro Valley Park (near the community center.)

Thanks, Emily - Mom to almost 3 year old triplets

Though I haven't stepped foot in one since seeing 'Super Size Me,' McDonald's does have enclosed play areas. When I had two kids under two, that is where I went. I believe the Washington Manor Park tot lot located in the southwest end is enclosed ( The Play Cafe is in Oakland (, though near the San Leandro border. Feeling your pain

In San Leandro, there is a new, clean, enclosed play area for pre-schoolers at McCartney Park. The park is on Sunnyside Drive near Breed Ave (behind Washington Elementary School). It's usually not very crowded and the families I've met there have been very nice and friendly. enjoy!

Shady parks in San Leandro

August 2005

We just recently moved and need to find a good park. i'm looking for shade and off busy streets. i have a toddler so not to advanced. my location is east oakland/mac arthur on the san leandro border. does anyone know of such a park? i would love a park down a unknown street etc. my old neighborhood had one and i loved it. (maxwell park) thank you. Michelle

Our two favorite parks in San Leandro are McCartney Park on Breed and Sunnyside (behind Washington Elementary) and Halcyon Park on 147th Ave. and Western. They meet your requirement of off busy streets and they have great new equipment especially for smaller children. Shade, however, is sometimes hard to come by. It is more around the edges than over the playgrounds themselves. Ellen

These all might be farther than you are looking for but...Try Jordan Park (it's actually called Avenue Terrace Park). You take the Redwood Road Exit, off of Hwy 13, get onto Redwood, go west, and then take a right on Jordan (hence the name) and you'll see it on your right. Shady, lots of toddler structures, lots of toys (people leave them there), sand, and lots of space to just run. The Castro Valley park has also been remodeled and now has water structures (take the Fairmont exit off 580, go east, you'll see Lake Chabot on your left (which is a good place for a walk - but no real play structures there) and then after 1/2 mile, you will take a left on Quail (where the CV Community Ctr is) and then you will see the park. They also have good play structures and sand. Not so much shade. Finally, if you are looking for a fun indoor place - try Play Cafe at 4400 Keller in Oakland. Lots of fun stuff to do there! It just opened and is free until 9/1 and then there will be an entrance fee (which will be well worth it!) Mimi