Parks in San Rafael

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Parks in San Rafael

March 2006

Does anyone know of a good park for toddlers in San Rafael? A good friend of mine lives in Santa Rosa and I live near Hayward and so San Rafael is right in the middle. We each have 16 month old boys whom we would like to get together. Thanks! Brenda

I have a good friend in Marin and go to playgrounds frequently in that area. There is a good playground right by the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael...there is also a nearby lagoon for duck feeding and a Thursday farmers market there. In Fairfax there is Andy Peri Park just past downtown on Bolinas Ave. It has a pretty extensive array of play structures and is a short walk from downtown if you also want coffee/ice cream lunch. Marin park goer

San Rafael has great parks. The most popular is right near my house and it's called Gerstle Park. It's right near downtown off D or E streets; you could mapquest it if you don't know the area at all. If you're willing to drive further, there's also a great park in San Anselmo right off Sir Francis Drake; I think it's called Memorial park though that might not be it. We call it the dinosaur park as it has a dinosaur to climb on. Good luck! Melanie

Gerstle Park is OK. There are some nice play structures and lots of grass for picnicking. I can't tell you offhand the street it's on, but it is a few blocks off of D Street near downtown. Also, if you're willing to drive in a little farther from 101, Memorial Park in San Anselmo is great! Again, I couldn't tell you the street name. Sorry ;o(

Peacock Gap park is a wonderful park recommended to me by a friend (thanks again, Jen!). My 2-year-old son loves it because it has a real backhoe toy. More details and a map here: tm I think it's a great park. Have fun. Sarah