Accountants for Nonprofits

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May 2015

Looking for an accountant in East Bay to help set up payroll (only 1 employee) and do taxes for 2014 and coming year. As of September 2014 we became a 501 c 3 public charity. Taxes for 2014 probably only amount to filing there wasn't any $ taken in nor dispersed since we're still organizing. But now have one employee who received his first paycheck today, may 5. Looking for ONE person who can help in these matters: payroll & taxes (Sorry but I don't want to travel into San Francisco to meet.) Thanks so much. kz

I recommend Marjorie Jones for Non-Profit accounting. It is a specialty that most accountants don't fully understand. She specializes in the Non-profit sector. I've had many years of experience with her and completely recommend her. You can contact her at: marj [at] Beverly

March 2005

I am in the process of starting a non-profit and need some legal and accounting assistance. I have checked the archives and there aren't any recommendations for lawyers with non- profit experience. Of the accountants recommended, two that I called said that they don't do non-profit work. On the legal side I need someone to look over the bylaws and on the accounting side, I would like some help with the 501(c)(3) paperwork. Obviously, I am looking for someone who would also have reasonable rates for a non-profit! Thanks Amy

Regarding Accounting, Call Barry Goldstein, CPA 5767 Broadway Suite 3 Oakland, CA 94618 (510)658-5050. Not sure about his rates but he does do work with non-profit organizations. Michele

November 2002

Hi, I'm looking for a local CPA to take charge of all the appropriate tax filings for an incorporated non-profit 501(c)3 elementary/preschool. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! thank you. ios

When I was working for a nonprofit in the city, we used Hydeh Ghaffari for the three years that I was involved in the internal audits. She's very good, very no-nonsense and honest. She's at (510) 834-6542 Jill

I highly recommend CPA Christine Harkinson. She is professional, competent, responsive and easy to work with. I am a local attorney and have referred my clients and friends to her over the last couple of years, and everyone has been quite happy with the results. Christine also has reasonable rates that I am sure your organization will appreciate. Her telephone number is 510- 482-9729 and her email is charkinson AT earthlink DOT net. If you have questions about my experiences with her, feel free to contact me via email. dtsifrin

Sandra Reinhardt is our accountant (we are a small 501(c)(3)- I have found her to be timely, professional and cost saving. She has a lot of experience working with schools, towns and organizations like mine. Her number is 415-453-0207. Good luck! Juliette