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The cities of Crockett and Rodeo are served by the John Swett Unified School District (JSUSD) website:

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  • We are moving to Crockett and wondering about school options for our rising Kindergartener.  We are big proponents of public schools where diversity, equity and inclusion are priorities but are open to independent schools too.  I am also an art teacher, currently in OUSD, and might want to find a district or school closer to where we are moving.  Thanks!

    Crockett parent here!  Both of my kids went through the JSUSD schools from kindergarten through high school (my youngest graduated in 2020, so my info is reasonably up to date).  I strongly urge you to give the local district a try.  Our experiences were excellent.  

    The good:  Extremely diverse student body - there is no majority, it's a pretty even split between demographic groups.  It's a very tiny district, which means it's easy to be involved and to have a big impact.  The small size also means both students and teachers get to know each other deeply.  The majority of teachers are excellent, committed professionals who really pay attention to the kids and their needs.  

    The bad:  Because it's such a tiny district, there are no bells and whistles.  There is an excellent band program, but no orchestra or choral music.  The only foreign language taught is Spanish.  There are sufficient AP classes to make a big difference for a student (my daughter entered college as a sophomore, due to AP classes), but not the variety you would find at a bigger school.  This is a high-poverty district, with some kids facing some very serious challenges (homelessness, parental addiction, etc), which spills over into their behaviour at school.  

    Overall, I love our tiny little district.  Your child will not get lost in the shuffle, and neither will you as a parent.  Please give it a try!