Voice lessons for 11 year old

Our daughter is developing an interest in musical theater. She loves to dance, sing, and act and sings Broadway songs while twirling around the house often.  She will be doing Berkeley Playhouse Camp. 

She loves to sing but has a hard time singing in key. We think her vocal quality is pretty good and would like to help her develop as a singer / actor. 

We would appreciate recommendations for a voice teacher who is fun, patient and has a relaxed and intuitive approach. We are not wanting her to pursue a career on Broadway or prepare for an audition. We simply want to help her carry a tune confidently and have fun. 

Thank you!

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This is a great age to start voice lessons. I assume you're in the East Bay given the mention of Berkeley Playhouse, so I'll give two East Bay recommendations I've worked with personally and who I know do well with young singers. Check out Ann Moss https://www.annmosssoprano.com/studio and Caroline Altman https://www.carolinealtman.com/