Updated OSA Middle School Reviews Pls

A friend’s daughter was just offered a spot and I s considering middle school enrollment in Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) in dance. The last reviews I could find here on BPN were from 2021. Any updates on the middle school in general and those specific to the dance program (academics, faculty, arts, social, admin, transition to college, etc.) are much appreciated!

Parent Replies

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It is amazing place. Our 6th grader (who is in the vocal music pathway) loves it.  The leadership is engaged, the teachers are passionate. The facility is good and short- and long-term plans for expansion are in place including a new dedicated outdoor space across from the school that should be ready next school year. The downside: the parent community is small and the PTA is rebuilding so it can be a bit hard to meet other families. The school is not terribly academical rigorous; it isn't that the academic classes are bad but honors or advanced coursework outside of the arts just isn't the focus. My son loves music and adores school because he gets to sing everyday. 100% recommend for an arts oriented kid. If someone wants sports or advanced academic classes like O-Chem or Linear algebra, this isn't the place.