Update on fee-only financial planners?

Hello!  I am looking for updated information on great fee-only planners to help confirm that our retirement plan, estate plan, college savings, etc. all make sense. I had made a list of people who looked great from BPN posts from 2017-2021, but almost all of them had moved on to different jobs or into investing. Does someone have a current planner who is amazing and still in business?  Many thanks!

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We've really appreciated the approach taken by Julie Asti at Asti Financial Management. They are fee-only- and you can pay by project or hourly; we first worked with her 8 years ago regarding all of the goals you mentioned (college, housing, retirement, savings, and estate) and then we've had update/check-in sessions with her when we experience significant changes (eg the pandemic) and/or if our goals change. Julie is down to earth, and realistic, and there are no concerns about conflict of interest because she is totally independent of any investment companies (but will provide suggestions about types of investments based on your goals). It has been helpful and stress-relieving to have the big picture laid out with Julie's help. They can be reached at (510) 525-8557 and here: https://astifinancial.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_camp...