Sylvia Mendez/BUSD admission question

We are in round 1 of BUSD admission. We are hoping to get into Sylvia Mendez. My daughter has gone to EBI for 2 years for PK. Wondering if anyone knows how it will work? When I went to the informational night, it said that they would determine if they need to be assessed, and they would call us for an interview, but we never received a call. Has anyone had luck getting into the school without having an assessment? When I asked BUSD admissions, they gave me a generic answer. Any advice/success getting in the school would be appreciated 

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Hi, I am posting as I’m interested in learning more for when we apply for my child next year, we are in EBI also and interested in Sylvia Mendez. Thanks for the question. 

I read this Two Way Immersion enrollment policy from BUSD's website, and I'm guessing (but could be wrong) that if neither parent is a Spanish speaker and you listed English as the main language spoken in your home in the Home Language Survey you filled out to apply for schools, your child would be categorized as an "English speaker" vs. "Spanish speaking English language learner" or "Spanish language heritage speaker." If that's the case, there wouldn't be an assessment. If that's not the case, and your child falls in one of the other categories, then it would appear they would be given some other language assessments. The odds of getting into Sylvia Mendez coming from a non-Spanish speaking home are very tiny. I really wish there were more language immersion schools in BUSD, or just in general in the Bay Area.

UPDATE: We did indeed get Sylvia Mendez!! We are so happy.