Sylvia Mendez Elementary Waitlist Question

We're on the wait list for sylvia mendez but I have no concept of how many families/kids typically make it off the list.  For any families that got in there off the wait list, how far down the list were you?  I know it changes year to year in terms of how many kids get accepted off the waitlist but just trying to provide some context for myself.


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We are a family that did not get into SM, but we were high on the waitlist at #2 (not sure if that's #2 for my daughter's specific demographic?...non-Spanish speaking, white), as of June last year, and we never heard more about getting in. Seems odd? We really like her current school though, so happy we ended up there.

We were #4 on the waitlist and we emailed frequently for updates. There was absolutely zero movement over the summer, and during the first month or two of the school year we progressed from #4 to #1. Then nothing. The following summer we asked if were still at the top of the waitlist and were told that we were, but we still never got in. Our kid was nearly fluent in Spanish from his immersion preschool and now (nearly done with first grade) has forgotten just about all of it. It is such an enormous disservice to our kids that BUSD offers zero language instruction to kids outside of Sylvia Mendez.