Summer coding camp options

I have a bright almost 8 yo who is very interested in math and coding. The UC Berkeley programs and coder school are crazy expensive so I just saw camp integem as another more reasonable option but there are no reliable reviews anywhere. Nicelocal (I have never heard if this) has many suspect reviews. Does anyone have experience with this camp or thoughts on camp options for kids interested in computers?


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I am not familiar with camp Integem, but my son was really happy with the Berkeley Coder School camps that he attended between 10-12. They have nice small group sizes and he enjoyed working with the college-age coaches who mostly come from the Cal Computer Science program. He's an intermediate coder and attended the Roblox, Microbit controllers, and Mobile Madness (phone apps) camps. They do a good job of introducing basic coding concepts and getting the kids working with real tools for coding. For math programs he has also done the Berkeley ATDP math programs, although that is a longer commitment (3 weeks) and the Point Richmond location may or may not work for you. Another option might be Firecracker Math, we did their online summer Math Boost program this past summer and they also have an in person camp as well that may appeal to a math-loving kid. Good luck!

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My son did a Python class last summer with ATDP that he thought was well done.

Our local high school's programming teacher recommended CodeHS, which has online classes at the elementary, middle and high school level. At the moment, my son is independently doing a more advanced Python class offered by CodeHS and is enjoying it. The cost of the class is pretty reasonable and comes with online support.