Spanish speaking daycare with openings?

Is anyone at a Spanish speaking home daycare in Oakland that has openings starting in July or August? I am looking for my two year old. She thrives in the small daycare environment. I need a place that is open at least 8 AM-5:30 PM, and hoping for play-based or other environment that respects kids, practices consent in interactions with kids and really nurtures their freedom and growth in these toddler years. We speak a mix of Spanish and English in the home. I know there's no perfect place, and really appreciate all recommendations and suggestions. Thank you

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Academia de mi Abuela in Montclair has openings. They are open 7:30am-5:30pm. I have had 2 kids through the program and we have been happy with their care. 

Hi - Check out Mechita Daycare in Temescal. Our 2-year old will be leaving Mechita after 7 happy loving months there, to attend a preschool closer to our home. Her spot will be open as of the beginning of August unless they've already filled it. She has been very happy there and loves the small group of kids ranging in age from 18 mos to 4 years. I'm happy to answer more questions if you end up considering them.

Are you specifically looking for a home daycare?  I know some of the private schools start at 2.5 years old so that may be an option if the financial component is manageable.

I can recommend La Familia Cooperativa Spanish Immersion Preschool

and Las Semillitas Cooperative Preschool  My daughter attended both and we loved both.  I personally liked Las Semillitas more, but at the time were only part-time.  They may be full-time now.

Las Manitas Montessori in Emeryville (North Oakland border) is the place you are looking for!  They are a Bilingual Montessori home-based preschool provided in English and Spanish for ages 2 through 5. We spent a total of 7 years there with both of my kids, who still remember their times there fondly. You can reach them at 415-595-9718 or real_jahleel at You can also search for their information and glowing reviews on BPN.