Significant Preschool Tuition Increase

My daughter is currently in her first year of preschool at KSS - Montclair.  She is in the two's class and we intended to keep her there until pre-k.  Her first year has been great and we have felt confident that we picked the right school for her.  Yesterday we receives a re-enrollment email from the admission department with new guidelines and tuition for next school year.  We expected a slight increase but very minimal as we knew the previous year was about a 2% total increase.  To our shock the increase is actually 38%-40% (depending on whether you pay upfront or monthly).   Even more concerning is that this came without warning and only two days before re-enrollment starts.  With such little warning we are all scrambling to figure out what other options we have, if any at all.  I have spoken to many families in the Bay Area and they have never heard of anything like this happening.  Would love to hear from other families about any such experience or any guidance they may have!

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I am shocked as well and, frankly, feel taken advantage of. My 2.5yo son started at the Lincoln Highlands campus just 2 weeks ago. Before enrolling, I asked specifically about tuition changes for next school year and was told nothing. That they would share any changes in Feb. I had that chat in mid to late January. 

By my math, the increase is closer to $900 a month, or a 45% increase from one year to the next! Here's my breakdown:

$22950 annual tuition / 10 mon (9-3pm)

+ 4,500 for extended care (900 x 5)

+ 5% new financing charge to pay monthly

+ 5% finance fee applied to the 2500 deposit ($125 in financing fee applied to the monthly tuition)

= 28,947.50 or 2,894.75 / month -- that's a 45% increase in monthly tuition from the equivalent 2yo program this school year.

On top of the outrageous year on year change, parents also have to arrange childcare for 2 months over the summer. It seems to me KSS is asking parents to fund the investment to build out their K-5 elementary program. Lastly, the communication they provided was far too thin and incredibly confusing. The new tuition sheet seems intended to confuse parents.

Our preschool raised prices from $1575 to $1775 (a 12.75% increase, but the first time they had increased tuition in 3 years). The school gave all families a month and a half notice. This is for 12 months/year and 8-5pm care, no weird financing fees.

Two days notice is completely unfair and ridiculous, I would demand at least 30 days notice.