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My siblings and I inherited 3 timeshares from our parents and would like to sell them.  Two are, I think, pretty desirable (3 bd Aruba Marriott during platinum season); the other is not so much (New Jersey golf club).  I would love to hear from anyone with experience selling (or possibly renting) timeshares.  I have spoken with one firm, and was put off by how aggressive they were.


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My in laws have kept, not sold, their Marriott timeshare in Orlando for decades, and they trade their time for Marriott points. I don’t think they’ve paid for a Marriott hotel stay in years! They travel frequently, and get high value for money using their Marriott points. Something to consider rather than selling.

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Potential buyers beware…please educate on the headaches of timeshares as shared by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. In summary, these are more than scams and can put families into debt and have their individual assets and properties seized without any state or federal protections…

I feel for you guys trying to offload, but it’s worth watching.

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Sorry to say it is a nightmare …

we inherited 3 Marriott weeks, very expensive to keep because of very high maintenance fee and difficult to use because they never had anything available in places we wanted to go.

For a while I was able to exchange in the point system but that stop working as well.

when you talk to Marriott they say they are the best and new weeks to purchase is super expensive, but when you try to resale it to them , they said your weeks are worth nothing…

I just gave them back to them, a whole process and I had to pay… I don’t remember how much, I’m so happy I don’t have them anymore.

there are companies that say they can sell them for you but I did not trust them.

I think that Timeshares are a scam unless you want to go to the your same timeshare every year.

Good luck.

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We have bought timeshares thru Red as well as ebay.  We have 2 weeks at Marriott and use them every year at Newport Coast, Palm Desert and NYC.  We've been happy with the system but you have to be patient and plan way ahead.  Good luck!