Seeking trustworthy computer person or business to rebuild PC

I am looking for a completely trustworthy computer person who can rebuild my damaged gaming creative work station PC. Right now, with the supply chain issues impacting the availability of highly desirable components (NVIDIA graphics cards, for example) and driving up pricing on new computers, I think it makes more sense to find someone who has the ability to take apart my old Cyberpower PC and look for replacement parts (power supply and motherboard) . But I want to have someone do this who will talk me through the process. So far the repair shops I have spoken either have preferred to promote expensive computers they sell or are not communicative about what they are going to do. I would like to find a trustworthy business or individual committed to ongoing updates, since this could go in stages or have to be abandoned due to supply chain issues. 

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If you need a new power supply and mother board it would be more costly to fix what you have than to buy a new computer which will be faster and more secure.
Consider buying a Frameable computer.  There computers are repairable and upgradable.  iFix it give them a 10 out of 10 when it comes time for fixing or upgrading.