Seeking preschool for autistic son

My 2.5 year old son is currently enrolled in a Mandarin immersion school but we are exploring other options for him. He has been recently diagnosed in ASD - he is curious, has language, and enjoys social engagement in familiar situations, but is inconsistent in engagement and we think removing the language variable could make it easier for him to focus on his social and attention development.

To give some ideas, he is able to follow all the routines of the school and even enjoys it (snack, bathroom, lunch, go outside, nap, etc.), but currently pays attention about 50% of the time in circle time and doesn't participate in much art/group activities, and also largely plays on his own. When the topic/activity is not interesting to him, he usually goes and reads books or plays by himself. The school describes him as very self sufficient.

The current school is loving and supportive, but I'm interested in seeing if there's options that:
* Have more music or visuals during circle time (aka keeps it really interesting for the younger crowd)
* Have teachers that are skilled at facilitating peer interactions - i.e. will encourage kids to practice taking turns with a ball while playing outside vs. just letting them play by themselves
* Experience with kids on the mild parts of the spectrum, including potentially working with the child's therapist and aids

We are in Rockridge, Oakland but would consider schools in Berkeley, Piedmont or other nearby towns.

Thank you so much for any recommendations...

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Hi Strayinsky, 

Have you called Bananas (the resource and referral network for Alameda county)?  There is an inclusion specialist there who could help you find a preschool with experience with all learners and who is open to having therapists do push in services at their location.   I did a search on their website and looks like her name is Andrea Bradford,

Best wishes!