Seeking Online Support Group for Parenting kids with Autism/ADHD

My 5 year old was recently diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and I'm looking for an online support group for parents of young kids with Autism and/or ADHD. I know the internet can be a real rabbit hole, and want to be sure to avoid groups focused on autism "causes" or "fixes." I'd really love an autism-positive group that celebrates neurodivergent kids' strengths while offering ideas to help manage the very real behavior challenges (or just commiseration, because we feel so alone!). Our son is in a specialized preschool with access to OT, Speech Therapy, and we do family PCIT/Play Therapy, so our son is receiving a lot of support, but home life remains very hard and my husband and I are struggling and in need of parenting support. 

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Following this thread! I'm currently struggling to find a preschool for my son, who's turning 5, that will support/uplift him and his speech therapy. 

There’s an East Bay Autism Parents and We GET It! Alameda County facebook group. I’m a member of both and they’ve been positive for  the most part.

The "Ask Autistic Adults - Resource for Parents of Autistics" facebook group ( is a really great resource where autistic adults respond with their perspectives and suggestions to parenting issues raised by group members.

I don't know any local support group. But my child has ADHD, and one of my girl friends is mom to an adorable  non-verbal autistic little girl about the same age as your little one. We would be happy to meet you for coffee, chat, and offer you support in any way we can!


Stanford also has an online support group that does regular zoom meetings: autism_center_family Info Page (

I highly recommend joining the Good Inside community which has a great online support community (including live zoom calls) for parents of neurodiverse kids - and all parents in general.

Autistic adult here with suspected autistic/ADHDer kids--I love that you're looking for a strengths-based support group <3 I've found the FB group Autism Inclusivity very helpful, and also just following lots of neurodivergent content creators. Also happy to talk off-list if it'd be helpful. :)