Seeking music teacher for pre-school


Does anyone know of a good, reputable music teacher who would be available to teach at a pre-school. Classes are ages 2-3.5, 3-4.5, 4-5.5 I think. I assume the person would need to be background checked.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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Ryk is a great music teacher! He's been teaching Music Together classes in the East Bay for ages. Here's his Music Together Bio:

And here's his page with his contact information:

Have Fun!

We love Stephanie Pepitone!!  She rocks!!  She often works in preschool settings. She is amazing with kids and has been instrumental in our kids musical development!! You can contact her via email at stephaniepepitone [at]


It's been about 8 years but my son enjoyed classes with the woman who runs Viola's Notes. At the time, she ran classes that took place in a church in N. Berkeley. I think she runs a program for preschools now. What I loved is that it involved international songs with simple instruments.

Also, Octopretzel was a big deal when my son was a toddler. One of the main singers, Melita Silberstein, has a website, Melita Music. She may still be offering to teach at preschools too. And Octopretzel is/was awesome!

Good luck with your search. I would guess that you will get a lot of great recommendations from this music-enriched area!