Seek Child-Focused Buddhist Activities


I am a Buddhist practitioner, and am looking for opportunities for kid friendly activities to introduce my two children, age 7 and 9, to Buddhism in a family friendly manner. We live in the East Bay.  I'm not particularly concerned about what school of Buddhism is practiced at the center, but rather that my children are giving an age appropriate, and hopefully fun, introduction. I would be interested in gatherings, family retreats, or any other opportunities there may be. 

Thank you so much!


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Up until covid, I used to go with my then 7 and 8 year old son to a very sweet program at the Buddhist temple called Buddha Gate in Lafayette.  It’s a beautiful campus and they teach the children how to meditate and simple Buddhist concepts including the virtues and always with many connections to the natural world. After their teaching and an activity, they then share lunch together in the cafeteria, which has nutritious veg food and is consumed silently! We always left there feeling a strong connection to the sacred. I don’t know if they’ve resumed, but they’re worth calling to check it out.  Maybe they’d restart if there was enough interest.

I found this link to their adult classes and there’s a phone number to call.

When I was a regular at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, we did hold a few family-friendly events. They've been fairly shutdown since the pandemic started though, and I don't think they've returned to in-person events yet.

I then discovered The Gyuto Foundation in Richmond, a monastery with a lovely peace garden and a "4 immeasurables path". I regularly go there with my baby and preschooler, and we enjoy wandering around the garden, buddha-spotting on the path, and I even occasionally let my preschooler "meditate" in the big room. (It doesn't last very long). Looking forward to seeing what others suggest!