Screening recommendations for occasional babysitter?

Is it too much to expect for occasional babysitters to be Trustline certified?   A friend told me that it is a lengthy process with fingerprinting etc. but that it is the best protection when hiring childcare help. She also thought that it was expensive, perhaps prohibitively so for someone who isn't a full time professional. I want to protect my family but also build a positive relationship with future sitters.  Seeking advice from other parents/grandparents. 

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Parent of two kids here, and I have never heard of having an occasional babysitter like a neighborhood teen be or get Trustline certified. You might prefer to have a sitter with a Trustline certification, in which case you'd look for babysitters who are also preschool teachers or something like that, ie, they have it already. Some of our best sitters when my kids were little were moonlighting from the toddler program they attended.

I haven't asked for that, but I did learn the hard way that I should call a couple references before inviting them over to babysit. You might have the best luck with hiring people who are current or former nannies and have already gone through the Trustline process.