School for Impulse Control and Sensory Processing Challenged Kindergarten Boy

I need suggestions for schools for my highly energetic, intelligent 5 year old son. He has some sensory processing challenges and considerable impulse control issues. These struggles exist even at his current school, where he is outside, given plenty of work and physical opportunities and has a wonderful teacher who is skilled at nurturing and redirecting him. We are seeking a school that is even more equipped to work with our son. We live in Pinole, but are willing to travel a bit. My concern with some public schools is being given work that does not engage my son or help him flourish, as he thoroughly enjoys learning and being challenged. He would also need a very small class size, as he tends to become more energetic and disorganized among larger numbers of kids. Also essential are teachers skilled in positively and strongly working with students to transform their behavior. Thank you!

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