Sacramento Suburbs for family with high schooler?

We're considering a move from the East Bay to communities close to Sacramento, specifically Folsom/Granite Bay/Rocklin areas. Our 14 year old is set to start High School in the Fall. Our son is neurodivergent (ADHD) and has some learning difficulties. All of the HS in these areas seem to be highly rated, but wondering if anyone has experience with particular schools in these communities and could share some insight. It will be stressful enough to start HS in a new location, trying to do our best to set him him up as best we can in a supportive environment. Also wondering how these areas compare, in general, to life in the Bay Area. It will be an adjustment for all of us, just wondering how much! TIA for any advice, recommendations or just sharing your family's experience if you've relocated. 

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There is a musical on HBO called Ranked that first Debuted at Granite Bay High School in 2019.It is a highly rated High School.The musical is about how stressed the kids feel about their class ranking.Maybe that is true at lots of High Schools.