Review Needed on Caterpillar Kids

Has anyone's child attended Caterpillar Kids? I'd love to hear an honest review of the daycare facility. I'm interested in putting my 10 month old daughter starting this fall. Thanks!

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I'm in the same boat! Considering them for our 8mo old in August but I don't see any reviews for them either.

Are you referring to Caterpillars on Princeton St in Oakland? If yes, I can highly recommend it. My daughter attended from about 18 months-2.5. She thrived there, learning to communicate in both English and Spanish. The team are all wonderful caretakers who create such a warm, welcoming environment. We only left because we moved out of state, but having such a nurturing environment was a life saver in the throes of early Covid (we started in summer 2020). Happy to discuss more if you have specific questions. 

Thank you so much for inquiring about us. We are working on getting reviews we have a family's comments about our daycare and their experience here on our Facebook page

Hi! I'm Ethan's mom :) I wrote a review just now. I guess that depending on what you are looking for. If you want a big classic school, with a class full of kids their age, this is not it. However, if you look into a warm place that feels like family, when kids are individually treated, then I sincerely recommend it. Cheers!