Recs for OB not Sutter Health?

Hi everyone, I’m pregnant for the second time and looking for a new OB-GYN. The first time I was pregnant I went to Sutter Health in Berkeley and had a bad experience from scheduling to super late appointments and rushed doctors, as well as dismissing some of my concerns. Any recs for a doctor who cares and not some huge practice? Will be a C-section. Ideally someone who is taking new patients, I’ve gone through BPN and many of the older recs aren’t accepting new patients. Willing to drive further out to get good care. Thank you!

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I have a cousin who switched from Sutter to a new clinic in Berkeley called Millie clinic ( and she has been very happy with their care, commenting that she wished she had seen them from the beginning. I called them today for a consultation and they were able to book me for tomorrow, I think that is a hopeful sign they are not overwhelmed and are also responsive. Good luck and congratulations!

i’m a happy sutter patient but i just saw this practice get recommended in another parents group, might be worth checking them out! don’t have personal experience with them but another mom said she would recommend

Very much hear you about Sutter; when we were finally able to have our initial intake at week 10 (! —they were “booked”) we heard of such gems as the 10-minute cap on subsequent appointments. The words that came to mind were “factory farm.” I used to have an amazing OB who delivered at Alta Bates, but she retired in 2018 unfortunately. My attempts yo find another good, independent OB in the East Bay were not successful, unfortunately, and we ended up at John Muir in Orinda. So far, we’re pretty happy. The nurses are fantastic (key!) and the doctors so far have been very good. I really dislike dealing with massive medical conglomerates, but it seems like all that’s left. Note that they exclusively deliver in Walnut Creek, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, then they’re not the right choice. Good luck!

My wonderful ob-gyn left a big practice to start her own in Lafayette. I highly recommend her and believe she will give you the time and attention you deserve. Her name is Cheruba Prabakar.
Best wishes for a great outcome. 

I had the same experience with Sutter (though I liked my OB, but I couldn't handle the late appointments, etc.). I ended up going to Millie in Berkeley. I've been seeing a midwife there (Talia Borgo) but I believe they have an MD on staff too. So far very professional, responsive, easy to schedule, etc.

If you don’t mind the commute across the bridge..UCSF Mission Bay was wonderful with my first pregnancy. I am using them again with my 2nd. I do see both a maternal fetal medicine specialist as well as regular midwife in their clinic. Good experience with both types of doctors. Any other questions, I’m happy to answer.

Millie Clinic is fantastic. Small, personal clinic. Focus on low-risk pregnancies. There may be a waitlist now but believe the just hired another midwife. They do deliveries at Alta Bates in Berkeley. 

Thank you, all! Super helpful