Reading Activities for 4-Year-Old

My 4-year-old son is reading at a Kindergarten or 1st grade level and he loves it. He’s also jealous that his older brother gets to do piano and chess lessons, but he does not (yet!). Can anyone recommend any organized reading activities/groups/classes/tutors to make reading even more fun and engaging for him, and to scratch his itch to have lessons of his own just like his brother? It's tough to find something like that at his age, but we want to know what's out there. Thank you!

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Berkeley north Library has two cool events every week a “read to dogs” day where you schedule a slot of time to read with a service dog, and also a “chess” day with a librarian (who is a great chess player) who proctors the group. The chess group is open to all and is a really nice event for beginners or more advanced players. 

Just wanted to mention that 4 is definitely not too young to start music lessons, especially piano. Many teachers are happy to start teaching kids that age. 

My son is now six but was an early read around age 4 - it was also during the height of the pandemic so we tried out a homeschool reading course and ended up really enjoying it. It's called All About Reading and can be found online. He's now starting Level 2 (he did the pre reading and L1 courses). Really easy to follow and you can see the reading progression clearly. Outside of reading I think your son could start music/piano if he's interested. There are piano teachers that teach this age as well as programs like music together rhythm kids that help foster music as a family. Hope this helps!