Raising a family in Pleasanton

We are thinking of moving from Oakland to Pleasanton for a more peaceful and quiet place to raise our toddler and baby. and better public schools.  We have heard great things and we have driven through many times and can see it's a beautiful and pleasant place, are there any neighborhoods that are better for raising families vs others?

I know summers are hot - do people basically have AC running constantly?  Are outdoor activities feasible in the summer heat?

We have heard great things about the school district but we also realize that greatschools ratings are often driven by other factors like wealth, demographics, and variables in testing, so would love to hear about things like quality of teachers, parent involvement, handling of bullying, district funding, etc.  Definitely recognize this will all vary by school so would love to hear specific experiences if you are willing to share.

We are an Asian-American family and would also love to hear about diversity - we fully recognize it will be a huge change coming from Oakland but just want to get a general sense of how welcoming the community is.

Feel free to message me directly with thoughts.

thank you in advance!!

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