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Hi All,

I'm looking for a new property manager for my home in Oakland. I'm very unhappy with my current company and am looking for someone new when our contract ends. I'm looking for someone who is (1) knowledgeable and can offer advice on the market/pricing; (2) who is responsive, particularly because I spend most of the year out of town and can't personally address maintenance or other issues that arise; (3) who is proactive and doesn't wait for me get in touch for glaring issues; and (4) who doesn't try to push me to accept tenants who don't meet the rental qualifications. If you've worked with anyone you recommend, please let me know!

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We've been very happy with the Cal Agents. Although I still keep an eye on things, they have been very good. They (without me asking) conduct a yearly inspection of the property. This has been helpful to find any problems that need to be fixed and keep up with any maintenance issues. I really like working with Bea and Diego has been amazing dealing with maintenance and repairs. Team - The Cal Agents Real Estate