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Does anyone know of a good prenatal pilates class/instructor in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond area? Would like a mix of both group class and one on one. Thank you in advance! 

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I highly recommend Debbie Lai for privates! Her studio is at the bottom of Solano in Albany and she specializes in pre and postpartum. I only found her postpartum, but would have loved going to her while pregnant. My body always feels great after our sessions, she has a calming presence, and is great at explaining how the body works and the purpose of specific movements. 

I also like Heal Pilates (also in Albany) for group classes, I believe you can do their classes through the 2nd trimester (but double check this, I never went while pregnant). 

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I recommend my Pilates teacher for online classes---Both private and group classes. can refer them to two studios in the area depending where they are located if they prefer in person! I have been taking virtual classes since March 2020--Lifesaver!

 Sara Vincent <saravincentvirtualpilates [at]>

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I Love Brijett’s pre/postnatal pilates classes! 
I don’t know her schedule but she teaches in home and studio, as well as virtual. I took her virtual classes and loved them. I highly recommend her. She’s also a birth doula and incorporated labor preparation!