Parent Child Jujitsu Classes

My daughter is very interested in learning a martial art and so am I. Due to our size and stature it has been recommended that Jujitsu would be best and most effective for us. 

Does anyone know if there is a parent child class out there? It would be great if this was something that we could do together. Or even classes that run side by side?

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RE: Parent Child Jujitsu Classes ()

I have seen signs for Steadfast in Richmond that advertise Jujitsu for kids and adults. Thinking about trying it myself with my kid!

RE: Parent Child Jujitsu Classes ()

My daughter (14) goes to Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu on ashby/sacramento in Berkeley and has been enjoying it for years.  MWFSa they have kids classes, 4-5 on weekdays, with a 5-6 adult class that follows.  There is also a small womens class TTh 345-5 that my daughter often also attends that you might be able to do together (not sure if you are female identified or not, but it is helpful for smaller persons because weight matching is important in jiu jitsu).