Overnight Nanny Cost

What do you typically pay a nanny if you need them to stay overnight? If you have multiple children does the overnight fee change? My husband and I will be going out of town for a wedding and need a few nights of overnight care for our 3 year old and 1 year old and looking for advice on what we can expect cost wise.

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We have done this a few times, and we have paid:

1) the hourly fee for how long the kids are awake for (e.g. if they sleep 7pm-7am then we pay for 12 hours of care from 7am to 7pm)

2) an additional overnight fee of $200/night. 

RE: Overnight Nanny Cost ()

We pay ours $150 flat for sleeping hours and her hourly rate ($30/hr) for awake hours. 

RE: Overnight Nanny Cost ()

Loving these replies! If anyone is willing to share their overnight nanny info, please get in touch via my username below :)  Neither parents have family nearby and haven’t had a night away/alone in 2 years :/