Oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction

Hi, we need wisdom teeth extracted in a teen, they want to be knocked out, and we would like to use an in-network provider if possible.  If you have experience with any of these oral surgeons, could you please comment on your experience?  Thank you!

Simel, Or

Simel, Oz

Ajayi, Michael A

Aklilu, Ephraim W

Hossieni, Rozbeh

Faraji, Zaid S

Edwards, James B

Tsang, David L

Elder, Mahr

Barber, Scott P

Liao, Wendy

Clayman, Lewis

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My 18 year old just had hers done today at Albany Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , next to Wells Fargo at the El Cerrito PLaza. We were very pleased. 

Good Luck

Our son just got his wisdom teeth pulled at Parkside Oral Surgery (Wendy Liao) last week.  She was thorough, relatable and her staff was very kind. I would go back without question if I had the need.

My kid had her wisdom teeth extracted on Monday from Albany Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. They were highly recommended by our dentist. They were professional, kind, and were very supportive of my scared daughter. They were also great with aftercare questions and concerns. I would recommend them without hesitation. 

Our 20 year old just had all four of hers out three weeks ago at Bayside oral surgery in south Berkeley - it went well, and there were plenty of people doing the same there.