Optometrist that takes EyeMed- recent recommendations

I can't seem to find anything more recent than 2012 on this site. Wondering if someone can recommend a good optometrist in Berkeley or Oakland that takes EyeMed Insurance. I went to Dr. Litwin  (Berkeley Opthamology) for years, but now my work has switched to EyeMed and that office doesn't take this insurance. Also, I'd appreciate a recommendation of an office that is good at contact lens fitting. After Dr. Litwin left, they had me switch the type of contacts I use and they have never fit quite right -- even after I went back, they kind of told me that I just need to get used to them, but it's been over a year and my right contact lens still rarely is fully in focus. A recommendation for one that you've used, trusted, and takes the time to fit your lenses well would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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