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Hi guys, I am looking for a psychiatrist for my 13 year old daughter with OCD. She is already taking therapy sessions. But it’s not enough, unfortunately. I guess we are ready to try some meds. It is really hard to find a good psychiatrist for a teenager. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance!

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Our 17 year old daughter was in a similar situation. She had been in therapy for over a year but was still struggling. She started with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Cris Bisonnette at Berkeley Therapy Institute about 6 months ago and it has made all the difference. I wish we would have done this earlier. The number for Berkeley Therapy Institute is 510-841-8484

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So sorry your daughter is struggling. My daughter really struggled with OCD in her early teen years..... medication was helpful in getting her to a place where she could engage fully in the therapy. There is a specific type of therapy that is key to OCD treatment.... ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention). Be sure your daughter is seeing a CBT therapist who is experienced in ERP.

I can highly recommend Brad Engwall as a psychiatrist for teenagers, though I am not sure if he's accepting new patients (sadly that is a common theme in the world of mental health these days).