OB-Gyn in tri valley / walnut creek (PCOS, 36yo)

We just moved to Dublin and discovered that we are pregnant with our first. Have yet to establish with any doctors here, and waiting on the myriad of Sutter “waitlists” to even see a doctor as they are all either not accepting new patients or booked for months. Our insurance is United Healthcare and works for Sutter PAMF Stanford etc

Had an infuriating conversation with the Dublin Sutter obgyn receptionist who after hearing of the possitive pregnancy test says “come back at 8 weeks because we are overbooked and you cannot be sure you are carrying until then.” Extremely insensitive.

Anyway, now we really need urgent recommendations on a sharp Ob/Gyn - especially one who is experienced in possible endocrine related issues (such as PCOS) during the pregnancy.

Happy to venture out to surrounding areas for the right person as this is a first pregnancy given my underlying factors would need someone who is confident and well versed. 

Would appreciate any advice and leads !! 

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I had a good experience last year with Muir OBGyn Group in Walnut Creek. They have 4 OBs and you meet with each over the course of your pregnancy so depending on who is on call when you go into labor, you know the doc. I don’t have PCOS but had other complications and am also mid-30s. I had United healthcare insurance as well. The hospital is John Muir in Walnut Creek.

I had a good experience with Dr. Rose Menardo: https://www.yelp.com/biz/john-muir-health-rose-monardo-md-orinda

I saw her for a pregnancy termination so a very different experience but she was kind and thorough.

I love RSVP OBGYN office! The doctors and practitioners are so nice and knowledgeable!

Wow, that’s even more insane/infuriating than the conversation I’ve had at a similar stage with a Sutter scheduler. I’ve made it all the way to an appointment, following which I ran for the hills (literally, took my care across the tunnel). There was a thread here about Sutter OB recently; look it up, you’re actually dodging a bullet. You might look into John Muir if there is one close to you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! While the receptionists language sounds infuriating, it's pretty typical that you don't have your first appointment until at least 7-8 weeks as that's when a heartbeat can typically be easily detected on an ultrasound. I hope you get some good advice from others on a good obgyn.

Everyone thank you so much  for these inputs and suggestions, I will look into the recommendations.
Has anyone here also worked with Dr Nancy Pham or Dr Anahat Sandhu? Such mixed reviews available online it is hard to decipher what’s true.

 Looking at John Muir Health too as a bunch of our friends had good experiences there.

Also, do you think it would be crazy to consider the Obgyn + L&D at UCSF in the city? It is about a 45 min drive from us but one of the best in the  country for OB care. Would love it if the group could help weigh in with pro/cons!