Coach for help with my social life

My social life is not what it was pre pandemic and I miss it.  I used to feel as though I had many friends and that I lived a full life.  Not so much anymore.  Several friendships have fallen by the wayside for various reasons and institutions where I had some social outlets (eg classes at the gym) haven't really come back yet. I find myself doing a lot of comparing my life to other people's social lives and of course I always come up short. I realize that comparing yourself to others is probably one of the least healthy things you can do, but I can't seem to stop myself from doing it.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a suitable life coach or other professional I could contact to help me figure out how and where to make friends.  I googled, but most the coaches that came up were geared toward people with social skill challenges, which I don't think I have.  Berkeley area is best, but zoom is OK too.

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I don't have a recommendation, but I wanted to say that I felt similarly to you some months ago, and I suspect you and I are not really alone in those feelings. Fast forward to today and it feels like things have personally steadied on a social level, I've made a conscious effort to spend more time connecting with friends, and even old ones with whom I had lost touch. I think it might help you to think of the things you enjoy (music? art? books? nature?) and find some new groups to get involved with, not just the ones at the gym. Through EPRPD and the local museums there are so many ongoing activities to try. I've also found volunteering can be wonderfully helpful and there are plenty of places that need us. All this to say, you're not alone, and if you keep reaching out in ways that are meaningful to you, I think you'll find things much improved. Best to you!

There was a great We Can Do Hard Things podcast episode on this topic recently titled "The Secret to Making and Keeping Friends with Dr. Marisa Franco". There were some good suggestions. I think you'll find you're not alone in this struggle.

After becoming a pandemic parent I also struggled with isolation and needed support in finding connection.

For coaching, I worked with Abby Vieira, Sunrise Life Coaching, she was able to help me realize what I needed, and problem solve ways of finding resources. She is a great coach and parent herself, I very much recommend her!

For exercise, I found Sweat in Emeryville to be great. Social, upbeat, and outdoors. I feel much stronger in my body and more centered in my mind.

Hang in there, I felt to isolated in the beginning and have been able to find meaningful connection over.