National Youth Leadership CONFERENCE vs. National Youth Leadership FORUM

My son is a good student in high school, particularly in math and science, but he's not always the most ambitious; his ideal summer would apparently consist of playing video games in his room, all day, every day. This is not acceptable to me, so I'm investigating things for him to do this summer that would increase his knowledge, physical fitness, emotional growth, and/or attractiveness to colleges. So far he has vetoed everything we've suggested (he's particularly unwilling to do any overnight programs (such as COSMOS or SUMAC) that involve being away from home for more than a week or so). Another piece of information to take into account here is that we are fortunate enough to be able to pay for summer activities without cost being a major limitation.

Given all that, the one summer program that he is wililng to apply for is the National Youth Leadership Conference ( It has been reviewed on BPN (and elsewhere) and the general conclusion is that it's overpriced and not useful for college admission, but the kids enjoyed it and learned something. That's good enough for me.

Now here's my question: we recently got mail from ANOTHER summer program, the National Youth Leadership Forum ( Not only does it have an almost identical name; it seems to have an almost identical program (and similarly outrageous price). Can anyone enlighten me about the difference between NYLC and NYLF?

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