My Sutter gynecologist is leaving, so I need someone new!

This is the third time I've "lost" a gynecologist to retirement or a change in the practice.  Most recently, I was seeing Dr. Pahlavan at Sutter. I am in my late 60s and I have some issues. I'm also sensitive about the demeanor of a doctor. With this in mind, please please share you recommendations. Who should I see now? (And please, no one who is likely to retire in 5 years!)

And thank you!

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I am in my late 30s but love my doctor, Dr. Nseyo. She works the Richmond and Berkeley offices. 

I had dr pahlavan for some appointments during my pregnancy and liked her (if I remember the dr properly, I saw many!) and my usual dr was dr Nseyo who I LOVE! So highly recommend. She is friendly, kind, charismatic, and also attentive and responsive to my questions. She talks fast, she is not trying to rush you this is just how she talks, she has said as much herself. Also seems young enough that she has a long career ahead of her from my guess.  Good luck!

When my gynecologist retired a few years ago I switched to Nadya Kondrashov at Sutter and I highly recommend her. I find her to be direct, thorough, patient, and easy to talk to. I'm over 60 with some ongoing issues, and also had "not likely to retire anytime soon" on my list of criteria. She is indeed way younger than me so with any luck she'll outlast us! 

Deepti Gupta is like a ray of sunshine. Highly recommend. She is at the Sutter Gyn offices on Milvia in Berkeley.