Mother Goose School in Outer Richmond?

Hi BPN families! I am relocating from the East Coast and have been seeking childcare for my two kiddos (6 mo and 3.5 yrs) for a few weeks now. I realize it's late in the game and we toured a few schools we just didn't really like. We came across one in Outer Richmond, Mother Goose School (starts at 18 mos), and it seems lovely and has wonderful reviews online. I reached out to a real mom on Instagram and she had nothing but pleasant things to say. However, I'm wondering why I can't find any parents talking about this school more? Why it's not on anyone's radar? Is there something wrong with the school? The price is doable and they provide hot lunch. They are year round and FT. Can someone please provide me some insight if you've heard of the school? We are going in this blind, as we are very unfamiliar with all-things-San Francisco. I would be SO grateful!

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