Montera Middle School

Hi - The last review for Montera is from 2019. I would love to hear from current parents about their experience at Montera. We would really like to continue in our public school system, but are a bit nervous about the size, teacher retention, academic focus, safety, and overall experiences. We were very impressed by the new principal, but recognize that one person cannot do it alone. Thank you for any insight!

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My kids are recent graduates from Montera and had a great experience there. They felt safe on campus and supported by their teachers. They were involved in student leadership and sports. Class size is about 25 students and teacher retention is low. Dr. Williams is a wonderful leader. It has been hard this year because of being understaffed. Central Office budget cuts left her with 1 assistant principal. Dr. Williams let us know that there will be 3 assistant principals for the 2023-2024 school year,.  The PTO is amazing and continues to work on building community and getting more parents/guardians involved.