looking for an assistant, any advices?


I am looking for an assistant who will edit my correspondance and marketing.
I will be paying per hour. I need someone to be available to work when the correspondance is needed and it can be every day, weekends included.

Do you have any experience in this matter? Where did you find your assistant and how much are you paying them ?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I would check out websites like FIVER or Upwork! You can hire contract people to these sorts of tasks for you and it's pretty affordable! I've used FIVR for website edits, marketing materials, etc. 

Use Chat GPT (or one of the many other AI tools available now). It's a phenomenal editor (I've used it to write numerous cover letters, etc.) and if you do a bit of research on how to direct it and refine what it produces it should be able to do this with no problem and for free!