Live-in Nanny rate for twins

Hello! What is the rate for Live-in nanny full time for twins. we will provide all room and board. free housing, no bills (gas, water, electric, food)

How much do you think is reasonable per month



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RE: Live-in Nanny rate for twins ()

For full-time, do you mean 40 hours, or more than that? And where do you live? How old are your twins? 

FYI, the minimum wage in Oakland is $13.80/hr, in Berkeley and SF it’s $15/hr.

Typically, infants cost more than children over  age 2. 

The other consideration is the nanny’s education and experience. An eighteen-year-old with little experience and no education will charge less than a career nanny with CPR, ECE units, infant-specific experience, etc. of course, the level of care they provide will likely reflect this.