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My 27 year old son has decided to get serious about a “ real job” and focus on building a career.  The problem is that he does not fit into a typical profile for any particular career due to many reasons ( ADD, dyslexia, slow processing, deemed 2E in high school as also exceptionally bright)

He has asked me to help him find someone that can guide him as to what might be a good fit for his unique style. Besides career guidance is there anyone who could actually help him find a job?

any recommendations for a professional who could help much appreciated. Anywhere in the Bay Area works for the right fit.

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Hi - the CA Dept of Rehabilitation can help your son! They provide career testing, evaluations and guidance as well as support with college tuition all the way through the masters level should you son discover a career path requiring it. Don’t be daunted by the name of the department; I was surprised when I first learned about the broad scope of what they do!